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Small RV.org is an online resource focusing on identifying and comparing the many types of recreational vehicles, in an effort to help prospective travelers learn about their small RV choices.

A recreational vehicle [RV] is defined as a motor vehicle or a trailer that has living space and the comforts of home. They range from small and sparse to large and extravagant, and everything in between.

RVs are popular around the world for many reasons; the main one being the luxury of taking the comforts of home out on the road.

While many think of RVs as being primarily the way of travel for retirees who trade their days in the office for a life on the road, many people use and love recreational vehicles. From families who prefer camping with a few more comforts than a tent can provide, to hunters who use pickup campers to provide overnight shelter in the backwoods of rugged hunting terrain, RVs appeal to many different kinds of people.

Recreational Vehicle is a very broad term and there are many different types of RVs. The various types are discussed and explored on this site, from pop up and pickup campers, to travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers, and all the way to Class B van campers and Class C motorhomes. The sizes, styles, options and brands are endless, and offer a huge amount of variety for those looking into buying a small RV.

We’re glad to have you here, and we hope you find the information helpful and interesting!

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